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Kaleidoscope (Patent Pending) - The Premier Digital
In-Office Marketing Tool


Kaleidoscope digital signage captures attention in your reception area with a stunning visual display, designed with your business in mind. Unique entertainment creates universal appeal so that subtle marketing moments effectively showcase your office.

Bob Circosta Features Kaleidoscope on "What a Great Idea!"

Learn how Kaleidoscope can help your business in this interview with our founder/owner Charis Santillie.

Customer Waiting Room Experience

When clients enter your office, they are warmly greeted, and then they go to sit in your reception area to wait. Often, at that time, there can be a bit of a disconnect. Kaleidoscope is key to bridging this gap. Instead of just waiting, they watch a dynamic display that is engaging and memorable. Instead of a repetitive looping video that becomes boring and dull, you can create a fun and interesting experience for your patients or clients. Kaleidoscope redirects and engages focus to a digital screen display that entertains, informs and unobtrusively markets your products and services with subtle, professional style.

With captivating stock photos and videos, informative content about your services, specials and offers, feeds of industry-related news and content, combined with your own photos, Kaleidoscope is a visually striking in-office marketing tool. Kaleidoscope draws attention away from the waiting game and helps you build lasting relationships. By providing short snippets of informative content, it suits the attention spans of people waiting in your reception area. Kaleidoscope allows you to influence clients in positive ways by displaying your marketing messages surrounded by fun and entertaining imagery.

How Kaleidoscope Works for Your Office

Digital in-office marketing with Kaleidoscope promotes your office and services exactly the way you want with personalized content, photos and feeds completely unique to your office.

  • Kaleidoscope can present your staff, your professional philosophy, inform clients of the unique qualities and services only you can provide, and share valuable positive testimonials all in one.
  • Showcase your patients, clients and satisfied customers including before and after photos and positive reviews.
  • Publicize community events, contests and reward and referral programs.
  • Create “Aha!” moments that lead to new business by informing clients about your services.
  • Strengthen marketing messages that are on your website, print materials, and verbal communications, while directing your clients to your online media campaigns where they can interact and get involved, keeping the connection long after they’ve left your office.
  • Spotlight different services in different seasons to suit your needs.
  • Provide reminders to tell family and friends about your office and all that you offer.

Kaleidoscope is Easy to…


The Kaleidoscope quick start wizard will have your office up and running with its simple turn-key features that allow for effortless installation and setup.


Kaleidoscope is the premiere user-friendly in-office marketing interface available today! Kaleidoscope's software for digital displays is specifically designed for fast-paced offices with limited time, providing industry-specific preformatted layouts, easy image upload and quick content insertion with instant playback.


Build your own Kaleidoscope layouts to promote new events and key marketing messages in your unique way. Advanced editing for Kaleidoscope incorporates our industry best safeguards to ensure a professional presentation appearance – every time!


Plan your marketing calendar in advance and schedule it to repeat yearly, seasonally, whichever you choose! Your Kaleidoscope holiday and seasonal photos and layouts can be pre-scheduled so you don’t have to perform monthly changes if your office doesn’t have the time.


Add new photos, messages, and feeds to Kaleidoscope layouts however you choose. Automatic updates happen effortlessly! A few simple changes can refresh your display and make it seem like new. Conveniently login to Kaleidoscope to make changes anytime, anywhere, from any computer.


Fill out the form and we will contact you to confirm your demo via email.


Contact Kaleidoscope

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San Rafael, CA 94903

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